Brain Pickings Digital Magazine

Role: UX & UI Designer

A digitally published re-interpretation of Maria Papaova's Brain Pickings Blog. Created in Carin Goldberg's Digital Publishing class with lots of guidance from Carin, Leslie Steiger, & Will O'Conner. I've been a fan of Brain Pickings for quite some time, it's a great aggregator of interesting and relevant content and a perfect fit for a Digital App/Mag.

Below is a video of the Brain Pickings iPad Magazine in action, please view with sound on.

Table of Contents & Front Of Book Pages

I drew my design inspiration from researching 1950's and 60s Swiss Typography, composition, and layout: such as Josef Müller-Brockmann's Grid Systems. I illustrated colorful vector diagrams and simple imagery to add to the high-contrast aesthetic of Swiss Poster Design that I was emulating. I also created an Iconography system as buttons throughout the magazine for UI purposes.

Well Stories

Section Openers

I titled each section after the sections of the brain.

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