Gender Bending Fashion Animation & Interactive App

Role: UX & UI Designer, Animator, Technical Production

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

This project hit a lot of notes for me as an interactive designer at the MFA and an artist within Boston’s LGBTQIA Community. GBF was a multi-channel interactive narrative project created for the Gender Bending Fashion Exhibition. The challenge was to design a symbiotic experience using photography, branding, animation, written narratives, and UX Design. The solution ended up boldly elevating the voices of the Gender Bending Queer community within Boston in an often traditional museum space by displaying color, style, and diversity front and center.

In-Gallery Tryptch Video Animation
In-Gallery Interactive App

Photography by: Ally Schmaling. Branding by: Jill Bendonis. Technical Manager: George Scheron. Producer: Sarah Cowen.

An Interactive Narrative App

The interactive app allowed visitors to read through stories of each individual’s approach to bending their rules of gender within themselves and within their fashion. I used transitional animation in the interactive app and sharp angular shapes, that mimicked the exhibition design created by the MFA’s Exhibition Design Team.

Tankewah’s narrative within the App.

Triptych In-Gallery Video Animation

The in-gallery video was mired with technical complexity. I created a triptych animation by combining portraits shot by Ally Schmaling and a typographic animation that encompassed phrases from each participants narratives. The gradient transition also provided high impact color and a seamless continuation of the branding of the exhibition.

Video animation

In-gallery Video

Extra Artifacts


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