Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: MFA Mobile
Role: UX & UI Designer, Animator

MFA Mobile offers visitors further exhibition & gallery content to explore during their visits. 


I designed two responsive templates to be used within our Drupal CMS System, both a dark and a light, with the option of changing the background color and typographically designing the first slide, to act as the header for the page, as a video or an image. Both design decisions have given me the flexibility to create a quirky environment for displaying engaging MFA content.

Murakami MFA

Visual Design. 

Megacities Asia

“Eleven artists sculpt urban reality“

Visual Design & Typographic Title Animations for each Artist Stop.

American Alliance of Museums, Media & Technology MUSE Awards
Honorable Mention Video, Film, & Computer Animation Category, 2017

Class Distinctions

A digital slideshow of an Album of Watercolors displayed in the gallery for Class Distinction Exhibition.

“From nobles to merchants to milkmaids, Dutch artists in the time of Rembrandt and Vermeer portrayed all levels of society in masterful detail.“

Visual Design. 

Japanese Garden

Videos about the outdoor Japanese Garden at the MFA.
Visual Design & Title Animation