People like that are the only people here.

School of Visual Arts: Paul Sahre + Shawn Hasto Project Class
Role: Mechanical Design Student

"People like that are the only people here" is a 100 page document created from a short story titled with the same name, which is written by Lorrie Moore.

The story is about a young couple’s experience in a cancer ward with their newborn child. I wrote the "Dear Reader" Letter in order to introduce the viewer into the project.


The imagery for the document was created from work I made throughout the semester. I scanned, copied, cut up, and glued, black and white print-outs to thick 8.5" x 11" card stock paper, using a xerox machine and various tools. I then glued the imagery onto the paper in layers to create a beveled effect. The golden-ratio was used for the layout of the pages and a Smith-Corona Typewriter for the typography. The pages here are scanned and presented in no particular order.

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