Poster Design

Created during the Jacobs pillow branding project for two dance companies: Tre McinTyre Project and Keigwin + Company. Chermayeff & Geismar Branding Class at SVA.

MFA Woman’s Day Activation Guerilla Posters



Neighborhood Rebrand Design Project, SVA

PUBLIC Theater Project

Paul Sahre + Shawn Hasto, SVA


Created from a friend's family coin collection. The coin collection consists of currency gathered throughout Milito's time in the military.

EXIT ART Gallery

New Mirrors Exhibition Poster Design, New York

Design for Social Change

The 99%

Themed Posters

Paul Sahre + Shawn Hasto, SVA

Smoking: “Creative Mindset”

Opposites Poster

Healthy VS Unhealthy

“The Good Ol’ Days”
Mechanically Designed Posters based on the themes of Nostalgia and Smoking. I created the first poster, by learning how to sew a quilt, then I formatted it into poster size. I created the second poster using a xerox machine and typewriter, with scanned imagery of cigarettes. It depicts the thought process of designer while smoking a cigarette.

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