Taped Face:
The Intentional Homicide of Women, USA. 

This is the first portrait in an ongoing series highlighting socio-cultural issues within society. In 2015, the United States had a 21% rate of Intentional Homicides Victims that were female.* Specific to the USA, “The Boyfriend Loophole” exemplifies domestic violence and its cost to women’s lives. About 4.5 million have had an intimate partner threaten them with a gun and nearly 1 million have been shot or shot at by an intimate partner.**

Taped Face aims to depict the human condition: to question it, accept it, and change it, in order to find a new form of collective consciousness.

*Percentage of male and female intentional homicide victims, by country/territory (2000-2015), UNODC Statistics
**Nonfatal Gun Use in Intimate Partner Violence: A Systematic Review of the Literature
Susan B. Sorenson, Rebecca A. Schut