I’m Audrey/Auddie, a multi-media art maker. I create user experience and design solutions. I’m interested in surfacing narratives often forgotten in art and design within my work. I’m currently brewing UXD at Visa. 

︎ yo@auddie.com

︎ Instagram: dieaud

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︎ London, UK

In 2019, I learned to democratize the UX Design Process and redesigned Fidelity’s end to end Bill Pay experience, visit here.

I’m currently working on a new mobile app offering at Fidelity and recently spent some time designing an easter egg experience for customer engagement for an internal hackathon. Visit that work here.

UX, Interactive

Image for conceptual use only, as a placeholder project to represent my work at Fidelity do not reproduce or distribute.

I spent four years understanding UX and Interactive Exhibition Design from a visitor’s perspective at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

UX, Interactive, Digital & Print Design

Illustration and Social Media Graphics

MFA Mobile

MFA Mail Email Marketing Redesign

At the School of Visual Arts, I posed the question of subcultural identity with #CoCoCultures. 

Photography, Video, Digital & Print Design, Art Direction, Installation Design



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