Interactive & UX


Branding & Print

I’m Auddie, a multi-media art maker. I create user experience and design solutions. I’m currently brewing ux and print design at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  


︎ dieaud

Understanding UX Design from a visitor’s perspective at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 

UX, Interactive, Digital & Print Design

Illustration and Social Media Graphics

Mobile Design Work

Posing the question of subcultural identity with #CoCoCultures.  

Photography, Video, Digital & Print Design, Art Direction, Installation Design

Lorem Coco Raver’s Altar 13Forest Gallery

Read more about MFA Mobile ︎

Coming soon....

Conceptual Portrait Work

Photography, Art Direction, Mechanical Design, Art Direction

Conceptual Mechancial Work

Painting, 3D Design, Video, Animation

Branding & Print design

Illustration, logo design, poster designer, just basic design fun